Badi Industrial .Co., Ltd Guangdong

       Badi Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangdong, which established in 1995, facotry with 200 employees,has a history of more than 20 years and is famous for its exquisite craftsmanship and elegant style.

   We firmly believe that details determine quality, quality determines luxury, luxury makes Badi! Badi women's bag draws inspiration from metropolitan fashion and contemporary art, integrates fashion design into metropolitan life, and creates a confident, elegant and tasteful lifestyle for metropolitan women. The core idea of Badi women's bag is to lead the fashion trend and advocate personalized life! Committed to young people and the pursuit of fashion, to create a series of unique personality, fashion first-class leather goods, so that you are different from others, stand out! In terms of design, Badi not only has an experienced local design team, but also has established close cooperation with many international designers. The excellent design team enables Badi to quickly and accurately capture the latest trend every quarter and create elegant and exquisite handbags for urban elegant women.

Popular fashion

Exquisite, from the charm of the brand. The simple and fashionable cutting design combines women's softness with the softness of bags. Each bag is a magical accessory, which perfectly reflects the personality and temperament of mature women. A high-quality bag is a symbol of elegant taste, enough to embellish a woman's elegant life.


What  can we do for our customers?

OEM or ODM service
We can source the materials and colors that you want.
We would source the material color swatches for you, Or we also can custom the materials for you too. Our factory works with the at best suppliers of a variety of materials in Guangzhou.

Making handbags samples
Meet your choice of material
You can send your design artworks or details of bags pictures to us. Our design team can finish the cardboard patterns according to your requirements, And we can finish samples for you. When we make the samples, We can put your logo on the outside PU, hardware, Hangtag. etc.
If you are looking for OEM/ODM
manufacturers in this industry.
Need someone that can produce what you want
and have a custom design to your specification,
Then our OEM/ODM service is for you!
1. Our factory has more than 25 years experience in producing high quality handbags for various brands

2. we have our own advanced R & D team, you can choose our design, your own brand name, or you can propose your design and ideas, and we will customize it for you.

3.Badi is your best choice. Whether you choose from our products or seek help for your customization, you can consult your purchasing needs in our customer service center.